Restomod® Mini Evolution conversion with 1.0 Ecoboost engine and Restomod® multimedia touchscreen.

<h2>Italian Job</h2>

Italian Job

Restomod Mini Evolution full build with 1.0 Ecoboost engine and top quality upgrades and gadgets.



Spaceframed Hayabusa AWD rally car build within a Lancia 037 bodyshell. RWD or AWD selection with mechanical reverse system.



Classic Mercedes Pagoda with power steering and A/C system upgrades for an everyday use.



Mini RWD with Vtec Supercharged engine for track day use. 380 bhp beast, rollcage, LSD diff and custom ECU.

<h2>The One</h2>

The One

First round-nose Mini prototype with a 1.0 Ecoboost engine conversion in the World. This unit was legalised in Spain and widely tested before it was commercialized all around the World.



Restomod Fiat 500 RWD fitted with a Hayabusa engine and a BTB (bike transfer box) system for exciting road use.



Restomod® Fiat 500 build with Subaru 2.5 engine and transmisión. Modern technolgy for a unique daily drive.



Restomod®Fiat 500 with Subaru 2.5 engine conversion for road use.



Restomod Mini Evolution with 1.0 Ecoboost engine conversion and lots of electronic gadgets controled by a smartphone.



A power steering system to facilitate manuvering as well as a complete new dynamic exhaust went on this beauty.



Restomod Mini Hayabusa RWD for Fast road use with BTB (bike transfer box) system



Mini FWD rally car conversion with a 2000cc 16v engine, custom roll cage, subframe and ECU with multiple configurations. Full of sensors for data logging.

<h2>Silver Bullet</h2>

Silver Bullet

Mini RWD with Vtec Supercharged engine for fast road use.

<h2>Mustang Fastback</h2>

Mustang Fastback

Iconic classic car with modern suspension, steering and brake systems.


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